Pattern Shop

We maintain a full service pattern shop for the convenience of our customers. Highly trained pattern makers construct precision patterns in wood, plastic and polystyrene foam; the development of patterns for the casting process begins with math data or drawings and specifications provided by the customer. Other members of the pattern shop staff finish the patterns and mount and gate them to create foundry tooling that will assure consistent casting quality and years of extended pattern life.

Pattern Storage:

Presently, there are over 300,000 patterns stored at Wolverine Bronze Company. We use a computer database and bar coding to track and locate each pattern; over the years this data, which we make available to our customers on request, shows the entire history of the pattern while it is in our care; including purchase order number, quantity of castings made and repair history.

Pattern Storage is a 10,000 square foot building that is heated, clean, dry and fire protected. All patterns are up off the floor either in bins, on pallets or racks.